Saturday, July 27, 2002

The Mystery Of Rogue Perennials

It happens every year. I go out to take a look at my garden, pull a few weeds, water the thirsty roots and suddenly I see one.

A rogue perennial.

Where do they come from? This is not a plant I purchased and planted. I'm not talking about a plant that managed to reseed itself from one of my other gardens or one that popped up in my compost pile the next spring after a past season of culling and composting. Nope, I mean strange, often exotic plants that appear out of the middle of nowhere, in my garden and usually flourish.

Some of them are so foreign to me that I have to find out their names. Some I recognize.


I didn't plant them. Honest. They just show up and they flourish. It is a mystery that may never be solved. Some say birds bring the seeds. I've never seen a bird in my side garden. The little birds must be playing bombardier from above, bombing the earth with various seeds. Johnny Appleseed birds.

A mystery.



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