Tuesday, April 30, 2002

I always keep tabs on myself, "Am I being unreasonable?" "Am I being an asshole?" "What is my part in this?" When I am wrong, I might not "promptly" admit it, but I usually come around eventually.

I have always had an intense fear of becoming a hypocrite. My parents were hypocrites to a large degree; actors in the play of life. I swore I would never turn out that way. So, in chosing the path of becoming forthright and honest, I have discovered many things. One thing is, the path is a rocky one and a balance exists. I have some problems with that balance sometimes.

Recently, our resident asshole, at the place where I work, decided to come out of hiding for a bit. Our paths crossed once again. I have no sympathy for this miserable son-of-a-bitch and can't imagine living his miserable existence. He appears to look for someone to control so he can get his jollies. Well, for the most part, he leaves me alone because about two months ago he discovered that I bite.

There is one thing I will give him......he's consistent.

The last time he crossed my path, he caught me unaware and at a weak point.....early on a Monday morning. I took it upon myself that day to tell him just about exactly what I thought of him. This action caused me to end up in the directors office and an apology had to be made. About three minutes into the apology, he had everything turned around and back in my lap. Damn, this guy is good.

So, why am I writing? I'm not writing about my anger towards the asshole, I'm writing in reference to a greater evil.

I'm writing in reference to all the cowards who talk behind his back, behind closed doors, and who are the true hypocrites. The ones who can mouth off to others about him, but when it comes to facing him directly, they mentally masturbate him.

Makes me sick.

Thank you......I'll be leaving now....

Sunday, April 28, 2002

My vacation journal is complete! You can read it by clicking here: My Trip To Beijing, China

I also have a link on my link bar to the left of this screen. I hope you all enjoy my journal and if you do, please e-mail me with comments. I have also added a link to Naked Novel, of which I am currently preparing chapter five. Let me know what you think of that too, if you are reading it. I need all the feedback I can get. I you think it sucks, lie to me until it's done.


Friday, April 26, 2002


Turn off the snow!

Please! It's spring already! Enough!


Thursday, April 25, 2002

Hi all,

I'm heading to bed. Just wanted to remind all those who are following this blog, to check out the on-line journal of my trip to Beijing, China. I've got a link both in-text below this somewhere and to the left of your screen with the rest of my links. I hope you all enjoy it as I intended to make it enjoyable rather than dry....but then not much in my life has ever really been dry to speak of.

So, I'm up to bat in Chapter five of the Naked Novel. Silly me, thinking my turn would come when I was rested, nothing to do but write, in a good frame of mind, at a peak of creativity and bored stiff. Hahahahahahahahaha! Jokes on me! I'm tired, busy as hell, suffering yet another chapter in "Jeeem's fucked-up lovelife," somewhere on the foothills of creativity and certainly not bored.

Perfect time to write.


Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Who the hell turned on the snow?

Amy from Pyra has apologized to me and even given me a token of her gratitude.

Ah shucks Amy....ya didn't have to go that far.

From this day forward, I will not call Amy "Evil Amy" but rather, the more appropriate, "Amy the Tormentor."

I have posted the first day of my trip to China on my new online site entitled, "My Trip to Beijing, China." I could not seem to fit the whole journal on there by posting it all at once, so I plan on adding a day of my trip every day (given optimal conditons) until the whole darn thing is downloaded on there, most recent at top. I hope you all enjoy the postings and will forgive me my sucky grammar.

Okay....what's the deal here? Is this thing working or not?

Monday, April 22, 2002

Be patient all.....

I goofed. I had the whole journal written and edited and in my haste to publish it, I somehow lost the edits. So, back to the drawing board. It will be posted soon. I promise. -Jeeem-

Sunday, April 21, 2002

Well Thank the Good LORD!

Damn! First this thing works, then it doesn't, then it does. So, guess I will take advantage of this WONDERFUL opportunity and begin blogging to my hearts content. First on the agenda is.......my new link to my online journal of my trip to Beijing, China:

Just click on THIS link for now and bookmark the thing as I will be posting sometime this afternoon. I hope to be firing up my scanner today and getting some of my pictures online, most probably on my website: jimsworld before BloggerPro starts to play games with me again.

What's new on the horizon? Jesus, you don't want to know. Lemme process it and get back to you. Give you a hint.....it's about my lovelife. Ha! No way you say? Ha! Better than a freakin' soap opera I say!

Till later.....gotta go get my laundry. -Jeeem-

Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Well, it has been five days now since my return to the U.S. There is so much to think about and it's as if a part of my brain is still in China. I miss the feeling of freedom to do as I please and construct my days as I would have them. I'm back to work and although I am rested and back in the swing, I would much rather still be on vacation. I was just not made to work for a living.

My usual stressors are creeping back into my shoulders and my gut, causing me to focus on some change in my life, which will remedy the situation as I feel I have created a rut of sorts here in the U.S. Finances are at the top of my worry list, per usual and I am struggling with taking it with a grain of salt. Good Luck Jim.

My empathy for my clients has returned as I am in a refreshed state of concern for them and putting a lot more effort into my work in contrast to my laziness prior to my departure from the country. I was becoming jaded in my approach and this is a good thing to feel I am making a difference.

So, today I am of brighter of spirit (albeit a bit stressed over the finances) and besides all, I love overcast days for some such reason. While in China, it only rained once and I learned that the weather there is very dry and warm in comparison to Southeast Asia. I'm still working on editing my journal for later online posting and have set up a new blog site for this travel journal which I will soon be publishing a link to.

Ciao! -Jeeem-

Friday, April 05, 2002

Whhooooo Boy! I'm home from China!

So sorry to those checking in on my blog, but internet access was a bitch in China. I could not figure out how to hook up to the internet in my hotel room and the business center, if not busy as hell, was expensive to say the least once all the taxes and time cost was added on.

I had a wonderful time and did everything I planned to do except go to Mongolia and Xian and see the Tai Chi exercises in the morning. I am just NOT a morning person and could never seem to get up, out of bed, showered and dressed before six in the morning. No way Jose. Not this old boy, we've all got our limits and that is mine.

Ran into quite a few foreigners from Manchester, England, Hong Kong, Austria, Holland, Israel, Malaysia, Spain and the like. The only one I met that was an annoying bother was ..... you guessed it, an American from Danbury, Connecticut. I managed to avoid her though.

Ate some pretty weird stuff, saw some beautiful and strange sites, survived the Great China Sandstorm of 2002, walked a lot, spent virtually all my money and even some I didn't have, met some really nice people and most important of all, I journaled every day and have the whole thing on my laptop, soon to publish it page by page on my blog in the near future so stay tuned.

So, hope all are well and must say it is so nice to be back and hearing spoken English again. I slept virtually the whole day away today and will have to be at work in the morning. At least I will be rested. Ciao, till later my friends......-Jeeem-
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