Tuesday, April 30, 2002

I always keep tabs on myself, "Am I being unreasonable?" "Am I being an asshole?" "What is my part in this?" When I am wrong, I might not "promptly" admit it, but I usually come around eventually.

I have always had an intense fear of becoming a hypocrite. My parents were hypocrites to a large degree; actors in the play of life. I swore I would never turn out that way. So, in chosing the path of becoming forthright and honest, I have discovered many things. One thing is, the path is a rocky one and a balance exists. I have some problems with that balance sometimes.

Recently, our resident asshole, at the place where I work, decided to come out of hiding for a bit. Our paths crossed once again. I have no sympathy for this miserable son-of-a-bitch and can't imagine living his miserable existence. He appears to look for someone to control so he can get his jollies. Well, for the most part, he leaves me alone because about two months ago he discovered that I bite.

There is one thing I will give him......he's consistent.

The last time he crossed my path, he caught me unaware and at a weak point.....early on a Monday morning. I took it upon myself that day to tell him just about exactly what I thought of him. This action caused me to end up in the directors office and an apology had to be made. About three minutes into the apology, he had everything turned around and back in my lap. Damn, this guy is good.

So, why am I writing? I'm not writing about my anger towards the asshole, I'm writing in reference to a greater evil.

I'm writing in reference to all the cowards who talk behind his back, behind closed doors, and who are the true hypocrites. The ones who can mouth off to others about him, but when it comes to facing him directly, they mentally masturbate him.

Makes me sick.

Thank you......I'll be leaving now....


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