Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Well, it has been five days now since my return to the U.S. There is so much to think about and it's as if a part of my brain is still in China. I miss the feeling of freedom to do as I please and construct my days as I would have them. I'm back to work and although I am rested and back in the swing, I would much rather still be on vacation. I was just not made to work for a living.

My usual stressors are creeping back into my shoulders and my gut, causing me to focus on some change in my life, which will remedy the situation as I feel I have created a rut of sorts here in the U.S. Finances are at the top of my worry list, per usual and I am struggling with taking it with a grain of salt. Good Luck Jim.

My empathy for my clients has returned as I am in a refreshed state of concern for them and putting a lot more effort into my work in contrast to my laziness prior to my departure from the country. I was becoming jaded in my approach and this is a good thing to feel I am making a difference.

So, today I am of brighter of spirit (albeit a bit stressed over the finances) and besides all, I love overcast days for some such reason. While in China, it only rained once and I learned that the weather there is very dry and warm in comparison to Southeast Asia. I'm still working on editing my journal for later online posting and have set up a new blog site for this travel journal which I will soon be publishing a link to.

Ciao! -Jeeem-


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