Thursday, April 25, 2002

Hi all,

I'm heading to bed. Just wanted to remind all those who are following this blog, to check out the on-line journal of my trip to Beijing, China. I've got a link both in-text below this somewhere and to the left of your screen with the rest of my links. I hope you all enjoy it as I intended to make it enjoyable rather than dry....but then not much in my life has ever really been dry to speak of.

So, I'm up to bat in Chapter five of the Naked Novel. Silly me, thinking my turn would come when I was rested, nothing to do but write, in a good frame of mind, at a peak of creativity and bored stiff. Hahahahahahahahaha! Jokes on me! I'm tired, busy as hell, suffering yet another chapter in "Jeeem's fucked-up lovelife," somewhere on the foothills of creativity and certainly not bored.

Perfect time to write.



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