Friday, March 14, 2008

This is a picture of Daothiam restaurant in Hat Yai, where Mam and I recently ate lunch. It is located across from Odean Mall and could easily be missed if you weren’t looking carefully, as it is very small. I couldn’t get a very good picture since it was taken on the eve of Chinese New Year and booths were being set up on the street, blocking the view of the fa├žade.

Inside, the restaurant’s walls are adorned with framed foreign currency from around the world. Narrowly built, there are only about nine or ten tables at which to sit. Mam and I took the window table so we could watch the goings on outside, which were pretty sparse for a weekend.

Mam ordered a seafood stir-fry, while I ordered the deep-fried pork in garlic sweet and sour sauce, with vegetables on a bed of rice. The food was delicious and came to our table in record time. The menu contained way too many curry dishes for my particular taste, but the prices were decently low and the amount served was relatively substantial. Generally we were pleased with the place except for one particular female employee who had a very loud mouth and never could seem to shut up.

The school term has come to an end and we have completed our two-day English Camp on March 10th and 11th, marking the beginning of our long summer vacation. School will begin again sometime in early May.

Every year prior to my signing a new contract, I have to obtain a health certificate and twelve pocket photos for my work permit and teachers license. We obtain the photos at the local Kodak shop in town and while they are processing the photos we stroll around the corner to the local clinic for the health certificates.
For going on three years now, we have only had to show up, present my passport and pay a 30 baht (95 cent) fee for the certificates, in and out in less than five minutes without ever even seeing the doctor. But, this year the clinic was really on its toes and wanted more information about my health.

“How so?”

Well, this time the nurse at the counter asked Mam:

“How is his body?”

“Fine,” Mam answered, and we were given the health certificate and on our way.

Gotta love Thailand!

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