Friday, April 05, 2002

Whhooooo Boy! I'm home from China!

So sorry to those checking in on my blog, but internet access was a bitch in China. I could not figure out how to hook up to the internet in my hotel room and the business center, if not busy as hell, was expensive to say the least once all the taxes and time cost was added on.

I had a wonderful time and did everything I planned to do except go to Mongolia and Xian and see the Tai Chi exercises in the morning. I am just NOT a morning person and could never seem to get up, out of bed, showered and dressed before six in the morning. No way Jose. Not this old boy, we've all got our limits and that is mine.

Ran into quite a few foreigners from Manchester, England, Hong Kong, Austria, Holland, Israel, Malaysia, Spain and the like. The only one I met that was an annoying bother was ..... you guessed it, an American from Danbury, Connecticut. I managed to avoid her though.

Ate some pretty weird stuff, saw some beautiful and strange sites, survived the Great China Sandstorm of 2002, walked a lot, spent virtually all my money and even some I didn't have, met some really nice people and most important of all, I journaled every day and have the whole thing on my laptop, soon to publish it page by page on my blog in the near future so stay tuned.

So, hope all are well and must say it is so nice to be back and hearing spoken English again. I slept virtually the whole day away today and will have to be at work in the morning. At least I will be rested. Ciao, till later my friends......-Jeeem-


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