Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Hello all,

What an interesting start to my trip! A raging snowstorm all the way to the bus terminal and beyond!

The bus driver was a great addition. It seems his old job was a tour guide in Boston, so he knew the shortcuts well. We even had a mini tour of the great city and he even sang some songs. I didn't know that Alexander Graham Bell's laboratory was still intact in the Verison building! Cool, I'll have to check that out next time Alison and I head down there. I'm in the hotel in Revere, Massachusetts now. Took a taxi from Logan with a pretty neat guy named Mustafa from Algeria. We chatted all the way to the hotel and he showed me Revere Beach, which I had never seen.

This hotel is sinful in my terms. Much too fancy for me, but I think I can tolerate it. Managed an internet hookup after about twenty tries so hope this is a local call. Dinner was Japanese and truthfully not all that great but it hit the spot. Gonna get offline now and call my honey in Keene. Will hit the tub tonight and soak all the stress away before a nice sleep and an early wake up.

I'll try to update this trip as often as possible during my travels. Gotta go steal the shampoo's, soaps and notepads . . . . bye!



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