Saturday, March 09, 2002

I'm gonna keep this short as I have learned to stay off this thing when I'm tired. I end up writing shit that I regret saying, as I get in such a pissy mood when I am tired.

Got my China visa in record time. The tickets are on their way as I type. The visa stamp looks cool and I find myself glancing at it and oogling it like a little kid looking at his first caught fish.

Chris of Black telescope is right, the fun is in the planning. This laptop is filling up with China info very fast. I've got my hotel reservations and working on some local contacts in Beijing from the Virtualtourist site as well as surfing for electrical converters, restaurants to try, Chinese history, local transportation and weather to name a few.

I have'nt done squat with my website and hope it's still floating out there in cyberspace. I'm gonna be busy with that damn social research project that is haunting me, like a bad habit, this weekend.

The weather here is warming to a balmy 60 degrees tomorrow. Typical for New England, you end up seeing people that you never knew existed on days like that. They appear as moths attracted to a light bulb, wandering aimlessly about town and on the roads like Zombies from "Night of the Living Dead."

Hey! I enjoyed that flick. A true classic.

Time for bed.



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