Monday, March 04, 2002

Sadly we will never hear about Dominique's employment status again. I personally am crushed. I hear she is happy at her new job and I am happy for her. Montreal employment sounds so complicated though. Do their employers actually monitor blog sites? Perhaps I should worry about what I am posting as well? Ah, nuts to that (sorry Dave, couldn't help it).

Worth a look-see is a site called 49-forever. Interesting site (A frightful neck surgery pic is linked so you should caution the kiddies) but holy smokes the snow on that site! Makes me cold just thinking about Michigan. Yuck. I like it when the first few snowflakes fall and it looks all pretty and stuff, but after that you can have the crap. I guess I am a true southerner to the bone. But I own an albatross . . . er, uh . . . House. So, I can't just up and move to Timor when I want to.

So, the central theme of my current life is T-R-A-V-E-L. I am getting the hell out of Dodge. I fly on the 19th and will arrive in Beijing on the 20th. I have been exploring another option that is "Out of the box" (like I like it) of taking the trans-mongolian train through the Gobi desert to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

I found a neat message board called the "Thorn Tree" that is very informative about Asian travel and before I knew it, I was exploring Mongolian Tour sites. I'm really excited about travelling in the Gobi desert and staying in a ger with a Mongolian host family. I must admit that riding a camel is what attracted me though.

llphin (Lost in my own world) is in a procrastinating mode and has abandoned the blog for lack of responsibility. Personally, I am ashamed for him and will sideline him again when I hear he is back with us.

Everybody seems to possess the technology to place pictures on their sites except me. Peter of Naked Blog once gave me instructions on how to do it but I don't think he understood how mentally limited I am when it comes to the four letter term "HTML" HTMLitician I am not. What I need is some HTML special ed instructor who will take me by the hand and lead me through it step-by-agonizing-step. Peter's attempt to help me was courageous but you see, that Scottish brougue comes out in his wording and I am not very adept at Scottish HTML through the bloodshot eyes of a Port-O-Leither. Holy smokes.

So, anybody going to take the "HINT" and guide a poor, misplaced, Texan-Yankee-Asianwannabe-HTMLdummy like myself through the steps of, "How To Post Pictures on Your Blogsite Made Really Freakin' Simple for Complete Idiots?" I sure would appreciate it, but you will need to not only be patient, but entirely devoted to the HTML mentally handicapped.

It seems one of my best friends who lives in a very far away spot on this Big Blue Marble, is back and monitoring my blog. She is a genius, not only as a writer, but she knows what Garam Masala is too. Says she might send me some. Now seriously, how many people do you know who know about Garam Masala? My friend, (I'll call her Charmaine) is a blogger too and I'm hoping she'll begin writing again cause you guys will love her stuff . . . . brilliant writing, especially about her travels. So, come on Charmaine! Let's have it!

Till later . . . . -Jeeem-


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