Saturday, July 13, 2002

The Final Chapter of the Durian Fruit series.....

THE THEORY OF THE BAD FOOT DURIAN (Thanks to Anne Charmaine Skelchy, Durian professional):

"One does not go around picking ripe durians. They grow on tall trees, and when they are ripe, these huge, smelly, thorny, basketball size fruits will fall on their own to the ground. In one morning, as many as twenty will fall from one tree. Thus, the Malay idiom, "Durian Runtuh", which means, Durian Fall. In English, the idiom is referred to a sudden windfall."

So, an orchard owner one day, decides to explore his new, nameless orchard for durians. They're supposed to be the best in town, everyone wants to know where they came from but the orchard owner has yet to give a name to his plantation. D100? D2K? Too common a name, and too many an alphabet D.

He's still thinking, as his eyes focuses on the ground, for thorny fruits ....

Little does he know, a ripened durian would fall on his feet that morning, and the throbbing pain, gave him Bad Feet?

*blink* *blink*

Written by: Anne

The Durian Fruit world will never be the same. A paradigm shift may have occurred. Has the mystery of the Bad Feet Durian been solved? Theory? Fact? Seems rational to me. Perhaps Annie will never realize her true genius in the world of Durians. Perhaps she will become a famous authority on Durian Fruit and will write a book. The possibilities are endless.

Well blogging campers, that concludes the Durian Series. Perhaps I will begin a new series headlining Jack Fruit, the massive, teardrop shaped tree tumors of the Southern Philippines. A fruit I have tried and which is not only pleasant smelling but a delightful cross of banana and vanilla. But, evil lurks in the Jack Fruit! Every delicacy has it's price to pay!

This happy woman is holding a Jack Fruit.

Stay tuned!

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