Monday, July 29, 2002


My quiet, rural neighborhood has been run over lately with crows. Ravens actually, as these are BIG birds.

Huge, shiny black birds with pointy beaks and coal black eyes, perched on the limbs of my maple tree, staring down into the mudhole of my "pond" that used to have water in it. Now it is just a mudhole after weeks without rain.

The ravens eye the pond / mudhole and fly down to it, perched on some object such as a tree limb or clump of organic material and begin pecking away at some invisible object.

I possess a small pair of binoculars that I keep handy to spy on certain birds that wander into my mini-forest and the occasional jogging female humanoid outfitted in Spandex. So, one day I grabbed them to eyeball a raven picking at some object. When the binoculars were brought into focus, I finally saw the so-called, invisible object of their interest.

A small frog.

I watched in horrified silence as the raven held the helpless frog down on a branch with it's talons and began ripping it's legs off with it's powerful beak. It ripped off both legs before expertly turning the frog about face and ripping off it's little arms. Arms? Do frogs have arms? Forelimbs then. Then finally, it popped the remaining morsel into it's mouth like a breath mint.

Frog breath mints.

It could happen.



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