Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Chapter two of the Durian Fruit series.....

A while ago, my friend Anne Charmaine told me about an event that occurs in Malaysia called the Mooncake Festival. She mentioned it is similar to our Halloween here in the states, except the children carry small lanterns and go door to door, receiving mooncakes as a treat from their neighbors. Anne told me it was her favorite festival when she was growing up and led me to a link telling more about the interesting event.

Upon visiting the link, I discovered that the website sells and exports mooncakes to other countries. So, I perused the site and picked two mooncakes of different flavors to be shipped to the U.S. I told Anne about my endeavor in an e-mail and mentioned that one of the mooncakes was made from Durian Fruit. I went on to mention that my plan was to celebrate the festival at work, introducing my co-workers to a little bit of Southeast Asian culture.

To be continued.....



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