Sunday, July 21, 2002

Hi all,

I have no life. I just spent an incredible amount of time (about three hours) trying to get my Guestmap working on my website. Had to dump the old one and try a new one off the website. The map seems to only work with IE browsers and won't work with Netscape 6. The upside is it gives you little people to place on the map, instead of dots. You can toggle to use dots if you like, but I think the little people are totally cool.

So, to all you folks who signed my old Guestmap (or tried.....Peter) please sign this new one and fill it up! There are a lot of cool little features on this one. Also, finally got my memorial up to my dog Morgan on "In Memory" so click on it and check it out.

I gotta run. I promised my bud I'd go fishing with him today and I'm already running way late.



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