Monday, July 15, 2002

Happy Sunday all!

News on the Jeeemfront today, includes Cricenti's Market being robbed sometime late Friday night or Saturday morning and my friend Sandy has been in a motorcycle accident. Big news for Bristol, as you don't see much goings on like a robbery for chrissakes. In through the roof they went, or so the town rumor-mill has it (i.e., Joyce at the Bristol Laundromat). Joyce told me they took the whole damn safe, along with around $10,000 dollars.

"An inside job," Joyce predicts.

They entered through the roof and cut all the lines such as the alarm, phone lines, etc., according to Joyce. I don't need a newspaper, why buy one when you have Joyce? I should add Louie to that rumor-mill too, although I haven't been around Louie much lately. He and I have cancelled, "Louie & Jeeem's Weekly Restaurant Review," until further notice as we are both strapped for cash. We should start the review up in a few weeks if everything ends up working out.

Sandy was cruising onto Route 106 from Leavitt Road in Belmont, Friday night on her death cycle, when a guy backed out in front of her onto the highway. An illegal move on his part and lets just hope he has insurance. Her left ankle did a 180 degree twist, breaking several bones and she got a nasty gash on her right lower leg. Wasn't wearing a helmet and lucky she didn't bash her noggin' all to hell. A bit of some surgery and some minor bionics and she will keep her ankle but will be setting off airport alarms for about eight months.

My African princess Eve is putting me through hell, not blogging about the results of her latest business venture and keeping me in suspense. I'll miss her voice today as I'll be visiting Sandy in the hospital this evening. Africa has the strangest events happen! The U.S. pales in comparison. Eve's garbage is infested with lava! I wasn't aware she lived so close to a volcano! Scary stuff. Reminds me of the stream of villagers I saw not too awful long ago, seeking refuge in Rwanda after waking up to lava in their front lawns from a new volcano birth nearby. Funny, I worry about mud in my driveway! Silly me, imagine looking out and seeing molten lava in your yard.

(I know Eve's gonna kick my butt, but I just can't resist!)

I would begin my story about Jack Fruit today but I've got too much I have to do, outside of this kitchen and away from this darn computer! Have a good day all and stay tuned for more exciting news from the Jeeemeister.



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