Saturday, May 11, 2002


Thank the good Lord the weekend is here. I voted for more of them (weekends) but nothings happened yet.

Well, it was destined to happen.....Ya can't stay 49-forever Shirts! The inevitable had to happen. So, Shirts has finally slipped (gracefully I might ad) over to The other side.

I was wondering what had happened to her, having not heard from Shirts in quite a while. So, I guess I'll know what to expect when I hit the big 4-9er. I will disappear from my blog for awhile and suddenly appear elsewhere, over the top, heading downward? Meanwhile I'm working on staying 46-forever, but things aren't looking good.

Louie just rolled by, so I know I had better get offline cause he'll be calling soon to roust me up to meet up for breakfast. This is so cool. I feel kinda like an old man, but I feel a true sense of camaraderie too. Sometimes I look back at my "old life" and the chaos of it, diving through windows like a Hollywood stunt man to avoid being shot at, moving three and four states away to avoid someone who was, "Looking for me," and only ending up in more trouble in the new state I had arrived at, feeling the "snap" of handcuffs on my wrists time and time again, picking up baseball bats and crowbars in neighborhood brawls to defend my so-called friends, experimenting with exotic drugs, alcohol and other "organic" sources to find what it was I was looking for and ending up in deadend job after job, doing stuff I wasn't happy doing, just working to make money to get high again. I look back at that and compare my life then, to now, and I smile. It is so, so different and so enjoyable. I am happy.

One never "gets" there though....I think there are many different levels of happiness and always another, better level than the one at which we are at. I tell my client's I work with that we are pleasure seekers. We seek out pleasure constantly in our lives, always pushing the envelope towards better and better pleasure. Oh sure, there are those people who settle for what they've got, but not me.....nosirree. Not this old boy. I'm gonna keep reaching for that brass ring...the one that's just outta my reach.

Never settle.



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