Saturday, May 25, 2002

Oh boy....I think I killed another lawnmower. If so, this will be the fourth one in, HOW MANY YEARS? I just can't seem to take proper care of them. So, consequently, a quarter of my lawn looks fairly decent, the rest is approaching jungle stage.

Once, many years ago, while renting in a mobile home park, I came home to a note plastered on my door, which read, "Mow your lawn or we will charge you per day for poor appearance" or something to that effect. It was that very note that roused me into home ownership. From that day forward, I vowed to own my own property so that I could live any old way I wanted. Hell, I could let my lawn grow to nightmarish lengths and nobody could say anything.

So, now that I own my own home I have found that as lazy as I can be, my pride begins to edge into the limelight and I desire a well groomed lawn. So, herein begins a new battle of - THE LAWNMOWER WARS - Presently, I have a lawnmower graveyard out back. I'm wondering if I need to add another body to the pile.

My neighbor Louie and I have decided to ditch the breakfast routine for a while and begin the a lunch club. So, we're going out to lunch tomorrow and gonna try a new restaurant every week. This ought to prove interesting. We alternate on who pays the bill, one week me and the next week Louie. I'm glad we decided to have a change of venue as I was getting a bit tired of breakfast. Tomorrow? Chinese buffet in (It's his week...hee, hee).

My project today is working on the woodlot out back of my house. I have this new, tiny, battery operated chainsaw that is anything but macho. It's good for cutting limbs and heavy brush and the like. Which brings to mind a conversation I overheard the other day.....

A woman was talking about her husband using the chainsaw.... "He always thinks he has to REV the engine! You don't have to rev the engine, you just cut the wood and give it gas as it needs it. Men always feel they need to rev the engine..." Hummm. You know what? She's right. My neighbor across the street does it. I listened to him yesterday, revving the engine several times before actually cutting. Me? Well, it's hardly even worth it with my chainsaw. It's pretty hard to appear macho with a tiny chainsaw with a six inch bar. Oh well, I must be getting old.

I have a nesting pair of tufted titmice...or is it titmouse? Titmouses? Titmices? I think it is titmice. Anyway, they are a young, teenage couple. Spiked crests, small frames and very, very playful. They chase each other to and fro and use my yard (their yard) as a playground. So, added to my repertoire of yard animals are Bonnie & Clyde (the titmice) and Alvin (the chipmunk). Soon, without a doubt, will come the snakes, the grey squirrels, the brown squirrels, the hummingbirds and the occasional wild turkey or partridge. Daisy the Rotweiler next door doesn't count. -Jeeem-


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