Saturday, May 18, 2002

So, the folks out there who like to listen in on Jim's quiet musings are probably saying.....

"So what's with all the photos and pictures?"

Well, I never said HTML and Jeeem got along real well but I wasn't gonna let it beat me. Naked Blog tried to help me out, others made attempts, but I finally put it together with help from Pearl. She was patient with me and walked me through it in an easily understandable way. I'm a little thick when it comes to that stuff. I know, I know, others are out there (you know who you are) smirking from behind their blog sites that are bursting at the seams with pretty pictures and HTML, DHTML and JAVA prodigy, snickering at me with the occasional, "Duh!" That's okay....

Now my problem is keeping a balance. I can't be sticking pictures in here every day. Gotta stay sharp and continue to dazzle you with my brilliant writing skills, right?


Oh boy.



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