Wednesday, May 29, 2002

I have neglected to post my experience of eating lunch with neighbor Louie....

Last Sunday we went to the Weirs Beach Smokehouse. Yuck. I have no experience as a restaurant or food critic, but the place reeked of biker hovel. The buffet lunch was a brunch of sorts with a combination of breakfast items, seafood Newburg and pasta shells. Yuck. I settled for the seafood, a couple of pasta shells and some rice and found the Newburg to be very salty, with bits of mussel shell to crunch on. Yuck.

I was polite and pretended to like it since it was Louie's idea and his turn to pay. Yuck. The highlight was a rather young, bold, green-eyed, attractive waitress who admitted to being hung over and was very friendly. The decor? Blah biker. I won't be returning to that place.

Stay tuned for my next review when I get to pick the restaurant.

-Jeeem- (The new restaurant critic in town....)


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