Sunday, November 18, 2001

Well, I've managed to screw up all of my settings on the computer. It all started when I got irritated with the second profile on my earthlink dialup and decided to trash it. Seventy dialog boxes later and delving into the "My Computer" thingy with some mechanic work in the "Dial-up Networking" thingy box, I have managed to screw up my e-mail account and totally isolate myself from the cyberworld. Calling the support network is a REAL TREAT. Last guy was obviously reading off of a template and had me so confused that I just acted polite, thanked him for his trouble and got off the phone. Hey, he did get me back online, but you should see the damage. I have the earthlink dialup dialog box popping up and error messages popping up galore. I hate calling support staff as after a twenty minute or more wait (while walking around the house with the phone plastered to my ear) I get some moron who knows less than I do. You just have to keep trying until you get one of those wizard boys (often girls) who don't have to look at a template or instruction sheet ( this, then do that, then click on this . . ) and immediately know how to solve the problem. Although the price you pay is them talking to you like THE MORON YOU ARE and clicking their tongue like hearing what you did has to be the STUPIDEST thing they have ever heard of. Oh well. Have been through this all before, so if you are a friend and you are reading this, just suffice it to say that I won't be replying to my e-mail until I can get a passive-aggressive wizard on the line. -jeeem-


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