Tuesday, November 27, 2001

I am so pleased! I got my test back from my statistics professor and scored a 90.5! So, just the final left and I actually understand this stuff. Wow! I might squeeze out an "A" this semester! Signed up for Social Research next semester and it is on a Monday which ROCKS! Only one semester left and I graduate. Feeling very, very relaxed now that I'm on shutdown and enjoying my much needed break. Start back up on Friday with a huge crowd of prisoners coming in. Back to the grind. Began writing again and I'm working on, "Well Kept Woman" which appears to have potential. Gonna be looking for a market for, "Crazy Larry's Cat" this week and trying to discipline myself to get the thing in the mail. I've given up on, "Gertrude the Duck" which was supposedly still sitting on the editors desk at GRIT magazine. Those dupes have had that story for almost two years now. That is ridiculous. Mark them off my list. Heard from Pim. She had an awesome holiday in Hong Kong and feels refreshed as she returns to work. Took a look at some pictures on the net of Hong Kong and would love to go there one day. Well, gotta go hop in the shower. Sitting on my duff in court all day today observing boating DWI's. Ought to be interesting. -Jeeem-


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