Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Well, I've found a new addiction. Reading other people's blogs. Seriously! It's kind of like peeping of sorts. Why do I feel guilty? Hey, they're public blogs aren't they? Jeez . . . perhaps I need to call my therapist.

Just dropped in on a blog called, "Rank Amateur." I see I am not the only one out there who writes and gets into a writer's block. This guy is talking about watching TV (or teev, as he calls it), surfing, and doing stuff like counting the dots on his ceiling . . . anything but writing. Sounds like writing is his paycheck though, whereas at least I have the excuse of having a job to go to.

Speaking of which, I will go there today and quite literally waste 8 hours. We are on shutdown and as counselors we do nothing but sit around in front of our computer screens, clean out our desks, arrange our office, etcetera. Court was boring yesterday. Most of the cases were plead out and it was difficult if not entirely impossible to learn what the offense was. Two were in custody and one of them was a smart ass. If I had been the judge, I would have slapped the bugger in jail for another six months. Something about alcohol, intoxication and firing a firearm in public.

The underlings at work are tiffing about and tittering on and on about the counselors who do nothing all day. Hey! If you don't like it, while you are slapping paint on walls and scraping floor wax, why don't you think about going to school for your degree? Idiots. I paid my dues. I can honestly say that I never tittered though. Learned from my father that there will always be those higher than you that enjoy the benefits of . . . well, being higher than you.

Got into my HTML-4 book yesterday, learning all about tags, etc. That stuff sucks. I can't seem to keep my mind on it. Maybe it's the book. Typed out some code and it didn't work so I lost my interest. Damn book almost put me to sleep. Time to go take a shower and saunter in to er, um, uh . . . work. Will be about 10 minutes late today . . . which of course is fashionable and fodder for the titterers. -Jeeem-


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