Saturday, December 21, 2002

Well, good news on the career choice front...

Got an e-mail today from an education nurse manager at a local hospital I've been trying to contract with for a preceptorship. She wants to set up an interview with the nurse manager of a medical unit, in preparation for my clinical practice. Seems there is a hitch though....

They contract with me to sign on as a nurse for a period of time after my license is reinstated. Hummmm. Well, I guess I was a silly boy in thinking that you get something for nothing in this world. Working a medical unit for a year or two wouldn't be that bad. Hell, working shoveling shit for a year at twice my past salary wouldn't be so bad either.

Today I am taking a break from studying. Yes, I feel a little guilty about it, but my bamn drain is fried. I'm moving along at a pretty good pace anyway, finishing up module four of a twelve module packet, with an immense amount of reading. For encouragement yesterday, I surfed the state employment site, looking at entry level nursing salaries.

I am psyched.



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