Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Ahhhhh. Unless nobody picked it up, I need to print my first retraction.

That's it, Jim's quiet musings...has been up and running over a year now and already things are going to crap. Yesterday I said it was minus twenty degrees Fahrenheit here. Well, that was a mistake. I must be hanging online with too many foreigners as I was reading the Celsius scale on my outside thermometer and not the Fahrenheit scale.

It was minus four degrees Fahrenheit here, which it turns out is minus twenty Celsius. Sorry for the mistake. I just know there was somebody out there who was horrified and sent aid to our freezing state. We're into a big warming trend here now has warmed up to twenty above. My pipes were frozen this morning, so no shower for me. Of course that wasn't a problem since I haven't been showering a lot lately anyway. Finally got them unfrozen late this afternoon.

Well, I would have blogged a bit more tonight, but I really need to catch up with my studying as I wasted some valuable time today with a hair dryer in my hand. I hope to get as much written down as possible before they come and yank the telephone lines out.



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