Monday, December 16, 2002


Movie Trivia

Many have referred to me as the "A Christmas Story" guru.

I'm not sure if I can live up to that title, but I can say that I have seen the movie quite a few times, at least over fifty times easily. I recently got my drawers in a pinch when my girl Wanda posed a trivia question about the movie which I could not answer. So, today I set out on a fact finding tour of the movie that aired on TBS at 2:00 p.m.

So, after finding the answer to Wanda's trivia question, I got the idea to post some of my own trivia questions on this blog, to see if there are any other Christmas Story fans out there. If you are stumped, TNT is airing another twenty-four hour marathon of the show beginning Christmas Eve, so you'll have plenty of time to take notes.

If you chose, post your answers in an e-mail to me later and we'll see how you did.

1. What was the name of the magazine Ralphie stuck the BB gun advertisement into?
2. Name of the Lone Rangers Nephew's Horse, according to Ralphie's mom.
3. Name Ralphie gave his rifle in his fantasy of protecting his family from "Creeping marauders."
4. Name of the boxed product on the sink in the kitchen.
5. What was the name of Ralphie's teacher?
6. What did the kids have to give up to the teacher that she kept in her lower drawer?
7. What was the bully's name?
8. What was the name of the bully's toadie?
9. What was Ralphie and Randy's last name?
10. What time did the radio program come on that Ralphie wanted to listen to?
11. What song did the family sing when they were coming home from buying the Christmas tree?
12. What was Ralphie's preference in soaps when he had to eat soap for talking dirty?
13. Who did Ralphie blame for the four-letter word he said while helping his father change the tire?
14. Who stuck his tongue to the flagpole on a Triple Dog dare?
15. Who dared him?
16. How far did the kid that made the Triple Dog dare live from Ralphie and Randy?
17. Who countersigned Ralphie's certificate from Little Orphan Annie?
18. What was Ralphie's mom doing when the lamp broke?
19. What did Ralphie's dad eventually do with the broken lamp when it couldn't be fixed?
20. What grade did Ralphie get on his class theme about what he wanted for Christmas?
21. What color was Ralphie's theme?
22. What did the sign on the garage say at the site where Ralphie gets into a fight?
23. What color is Ralphie's eyes?
24. After Ralphie gets into the fight, where does Randy hide?
25. What did Ralphie say to the Wicked Witch when he was in line at the Department Store?
26. What smell did Santa hate?
27. What color were the bully's eyes?
28. What was the name of Ralphie's school?
29. Who gave Ralphie the bunny suit?
30. What did Ralphie's dad say he looked like in the bunny suit?
31. What was the name of the Chinese Restaurant?
32. What was the restaurant next to?
33. What does the head waiter do with the ducks head after he cuts it off?
34. What is the name and state of the fictitious town where this all takes place?
35. Jean Shepherd, the author, makes a cameo appearance in the movie...where?
36. What is the name of the department store where Santa is located?
37. What rhyme does Randy say when eating meatloaf?
38. What was moving in the teachers bottom drawer?
39. What is the name of the head "Creeping marauder?"
40. Who's dogs ate the turkey?

Yep, some of these are tough! You'll have to watch the movie for most of them, unless you're an old pro at the movie. I'll post the winner, or should I say the one who comes the closest to getting the most right, the quickest. Have FUN!!!



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