Thursday, December 26, 2002

Emberton is back at it again and full force I might add. This time he's writing about "The Curse of the Generic Man-Gift." His December 24th posting, touts the merits of giving creative gifts and steering clear of the typical Man-gift, such as the generic tie, socks or power tool.

Well, my girl Wanda must have read his site (or his mind) because she came up with what I REALLY wanted.....

A Radio Shack, Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM 2000 - 1/32 Scale Collectable radio controlled racer! This thing is fun! You should see the cats! It takes a little practice, but in no time I've got them running all about the living room and kitchen, retreating from this tiny, motorized, cat calmer.

Emberton's right! We men need some thought put into our gifts. Why settle for the typical Man-gift? If you want to make us happy, get us something we can have fun with!

Something irresponsible!

Something decadent!

Something that will allow us to go back to our childhood for a while, cut loose, let our hair down.

Women burned their bra's in protest, bringing the Women's Liberation movement onto stage in the 70's didn't they? Perhaps we should stage a similar protest of the generic Man-gifts, burning our jock straps or our Fruit of the Looms!

It would go down in history.

You first Dave.



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