Tuesday, December 24, 2002


I found this image on a Google Image search for "Christmas Eve." Hey! It's got that Christmas Evey kind of feel to it, don't you think? You find the damnest things on Google searches.

Christmas Eve is one of those wannabe holidays. How come you never hear of an Easter Eve or a Thanksgiving Eve or St. Patrick's Day Eve? Well, cause Christmas is BIG man! I mean it's huge! You don't hear people say, "Man, I can't wait until Thanksgiving comes," or "Is it Easter yet?" Yep, Christmas is THE HUMONGO HOLIDAY, enough that the day before Christmas rates a holiday in-and-of itself.

Tradition has it, in some American homes, that one gift is opened on Christmas Eve. Others don't have any gifts under the tree until Santa delivers them early Christmas morning. Still others have even different traditions, some family traditions, some religious traditions, some cultural traditions. I'd like to hear from others out there just to see what your traditions are.

Growing up in the desert Southwest, our tradition was to go to an evening church service, have a huge dinner and then pile into the car to go look at the Christmas lights and luminarios (paper sacks weighted down with sand and filled with a lighted candle). When we got back home, it was permissible to open one gift. I could have skipped church, the dinner and the Christmas light tour and just cut to the chase with opening a gift. I usually picked the one that shaking, feeling and guessing hadn't revealed the contents and it usually tided me over until early Christmas morning.

So, I'm feeling rather reminiscent this morning. Wanda, her girls and their friend Sam all came over last Sunday night and we went out to eat at a Chinese - Japanese restaurant up north in Lebanon, New Hampshire. The kids were bushed by the time we arrived and I couldn't understand why until I realized that they travel an hour to get to my house and then we were on the road another hour north to the restaurant. Why so far? Well, I had a coupon to use and we wanted to see the Christmas lights at La Salette Shrine, which is close to the restaurant in the bordering town of Enfield.

We had a wonderful time that evening and one of the topics of conversation while driving home, was memories of Christmas. The gang thought it was sad that I will be spending Christmas alone, but Wanda came to my rescue telling them that I am used to it and have spent many Christmases alone. So, they all pressed me to open one of their gifts when we got back.

Ah, memories, memories. I can't remember when I've been so happy. We had fun sitting in the living room, Christmas lights glowing, Christmas music playing and laughter resounding throughout a living room that is usually silent. I opened my gifts for all to see....a homemade calendar made in Kori's fifth grade class, a basket filled with all my favorite goodies (even Red Bull!), a plastic ball gun that the cats have grown to despise, a Ralphie tee-shirt titled "Pink Nightmare" of him in his pink bunny suit, Dockers flannel pajama bottoms (with pockets!), a pair of Nike sweat pants and a Nike shirt (picked out by Lisa), and another gift that remains under the tree until Christmas.

What an enjoyable evening it was. I haven't had that much fun in a long time. Sam was forever the gentleman and left a lasting impression on me, hoping for his return. So, here I sit on Christmas Eve, pondering memories. I have many. E-mails have been flocking in from my friends from every corner of the globe today, wishing me a Merry Christmas. That is so, so cool. I'll make it a point to send out my e-Christmas cards tonight sometime.

Got another hit on my Guestmap! Welcome to ......ah, er....Engelbert? A blogger from down under. Now I've finally got that continent covered. Those South Americans don't seem to have a sense of humor......where are they? I've sidelined Engelbert today as his site is reminiscent of the Emberton's wit and humor. Must be that Vegemite! The Aussie's are funny as hell. Hell, I'd have a sense of humor too if I lived on an island brimming with poisonous flora and fauna as well as kicking kangaroos. Welcome mate!

Well, enough for now. Hope you haven't been NAUGHTY!



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