Friday, November 30, 2001

Had our first snow accumulation today. An inch or two on the ground upon my arising and snow coming down steadily. I have always loved the first snow and so close to the holiday season. If only I could just peer out at it all day from the warmth of my cozy abode, my computer operated Monitor heater belching out warm air into my safe, cozy world. Alas, I had to drive in it, which quickly took away the unique charm of our first snowfall.

Ever notice that the worlds worst and most obnoxious drivers seem to only come out in this type of weather? The roads are glistening with ice and you are creeping along at well below the posted speed limit, holding onto the steering wheel with a death grip, when some Gazoo comes up at seemingly ninety miles an hour and rides your tail all the way into work. It is a truly amazing phenomenon. I'd swear these people hibernate in the summer, only to awaken at the first hint of snow in the air, JUMP into their vehicles and go SEARCHING for . . . . .ME.

Saw twenty-two turkeys out in the field today, behind my facility where I work. The males were primping for the females and the pecking order was being played out before us (my co-workers were pressed to the window along with me) as the larger birds charged at the smaller ones and appeared to point out to them who was in charge. What a beautiful site it was and they sauntered around for about two hours before wandering off into the woods. I laugh at those who scoff at this display of nature, as if bored, having "seen them before." I view it as natures wild kingdom allowing us to observe them in action, especially turkeys who, although awkward looking, are probably the most wary animals I've seen.

I grew up taking lizards, jackrabbits, roadrunners and horny toads for granted until being brought into perspective here in New England where people have only seen those animals on the Discovery channel. I remember reacting the same way when talking to a person in El Paso, Texas who had seen a moose up close while in Montana. Here, I've seen literally hundreds of them but I never take them for granted. Come to think of it, I don't take much for granted anymore I don't believe. -Jeeem-


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