Sunday, December 02, 2001

Some guy bought the property across the road from me and all the immediate neighbors are in a tizzy about it. I'm not thrilled about the unsightly mess he has created with his ever growing junkyard of broken down vehicles and poorly working earth moving equipement, but he has the same rights as everyone around here. I've decided not to be so territorial as the others. Hell, I've got my rectangular acreage that I call my own and he has a right to his. People just don't like change. It was obvious to me my neighbors didn't appreciate it when I said, "Well, if you didn't want anyone building next to you, then perhaps you should have purchased the land." Duh! What are they thinking? The guy is only trying to do what we, the other land owners, are doing . . . . staking our claim. Why beleaguer the guy when he's just trying to live his life and get ahead.

The strangest thing happened to me the other day. One of my co-workers strolled into my office as I was relaxing and listening to some Ravi Shankar on a CD and made the comment, "Did you know that George Harrison was a student of Ravi's?"

"Yes," I replied.

"I hear George Harrison isn't doing so hot nowadays," he remarked, telling me he had heard of George battling cancer.

The next morning George Harrison had passed on (or DIED as Malachy McCourt would have stressed). The shocking thing about it was I had probably not thought of or mentioned George Harrison in well over a handful of years before that incident.

My co-worker came in the next day and was horrified. "I jinxed him," he said, meaning it. Although I don't believe in that sort of hogwash, I acknowledged that it was pretty weird.

The "Quiet Beatle," they put it. Good summation. He was cool. I liked him. The Beatles made such an impact on so many people and touched so many lives. I am hoping to visit Liverpool in my travels this coming April. -Jeeem-


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