Monday, November 12, 2001

Well, I'm off to pick up my laundry, visit with Ben and Joyce and stop by the local food store to purchase the coffee filters I forgot to buy yesterday (It isn't cool for a guy to carry a grocery list with him) and some peanut butter to set my mouse traps with. Have you guys heard about "Mark the Mouse Mauler" at United Wasteland? Holy smokes! That guy is twisted. First off, he feeds the little critters rather poorly with Pumpkin Chunks of all things! Yuck! Those New Yorkers must all be health food junkies. Then he traps them on glue pads and tortures them with water! Holy smokes! I think we need a poll here: Victor "SNAP!" traps versus glue pads and peanut butter (yum!) versus pumpkin chunks. Perhaps I'll use this for my statistical research project in social research! Do you think adding "yum!" to the random sample question will skew the results?


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