Sunday, November 18, 2001

Good morning! I'm hiding in here from the dreaded kittens. They are invading the house. I've ordered kitty valium but it's not here yet. Hey, have you noticed all my links to the left? Try them out and please let me know if any are screwed up (there's a name they use for that but it escapes me right now). I'm sitting here having my first (fix) cup of coffee and pondering the troubles of the world. Yesterday was a total wash. I was surfing and slipped into the abyss. Oh well, whats a day now and then . . . right? Ya know, if I didn't live in freakin' Cow Hampshire, I'll be I could live totally off the internet from day to day, never having to leave the house. I could lay around reading books on HTML, order food from say Pizza Hut, get kitten toys, pay my bills . . . all over the net. Hummmm. Who needs the cold weather? Hey don't forget to see the meteor shower tonight! -Jeeem-


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