Sunday, November 11, 2001

Well, have you heard the latest? Surely you know about the case of the nameless kittens? Yep, I have an addition to my family. Two more Anderson's to contend with. Zippy Anderson, the mother, is in the process of weaning two nameless terrors. Kitten number one (female according to Alison) and kitten number two (another female according to Alison) who remain nameless thanks to a rather genetically deficient kitten namer, named Anne Skelchy. I love bashing Anne today for some reason or another, probably because she called me "Jimmy" the other day, which whooshed me up and plopped me down at my birth home on 3830 Idalia Street (phone number 565-7602 - DO YOU REMEMBER YOURS?), running from my mother after I was caught riding a forbidden bicycle (long story to be written on another blogday). I'll show ya Anne! Anyways, seems a young lady by the name of McKenna has come up with the best name so far! How does Zoomer sound? McKenna came up with "Sizzle" too, but that one just doesn't do it for me. So comeon all you folks out in cyberspace! Let's get going on the "Name the kitten" contest! Any idea for prizes?


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