Monday, November 12, 2001

Sometimes I get SO into staying at home, that venturing out into town seems surreal. Am I some sort of hermit? I don't think so, I just love being home, all cozy and warm. Nothing much happening at the town dump. Picked up a town newsletter and read about the cancellation of the dump's annual, "Giant Maggot Contest." Did I miss something? For those of you out in cyberland who don't have a clue about a town dump, you have no idea what you are missing. It is a Yankee gathering epicenter, so-to-speak, where local's gather to chat, pick through the treasures of other people's trash, and scour the "Needful Things" table full of useful items.....That's where my microwave came from! Seems an old grandmotherly type tried to warm a foil wrapped sandwich and gave the thing up after it vomited out a fireworks display.

The newsletter includes sections about Wellington Park on Newfound Lake ("Wellington Winds"), Alexandria Planning Board, The Town Dump better known as the Transfer Station ("Transfer Station Droppings"), a section called "From the Selectmen's Office" and a bit of news from the Alexandria Police Department. It is published quarterly and so far we're on Volume 5. Hey, that's progress!

It was spitting snow when I left the dump. Ayah! Wintah's awn et's whay . . ayah! Picked up a microwave pack of Kettle Corn. Ever try Kettle corn? They have it at the local fairs each summer and it is just regular popcorn with both a sweet and a salty flavor to it. I'm getting addicted to it. Picked up some pretty wrapping paper for Alison's immense gift. I'm not much of a wrapper, but when I get into something, I go all the way.

It's snowing pretty good here right now. Kinda nifty, the first snow . . . . ask me about snow in about two months.


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