Saturday, September 14, 2002

My good friend Mark, a.k.a. Pokey eater, of Potkettleblog fame, has decided to move on to bigger and better things and shut down his site. A pity as he will be sorely missed. I remember an e-mail Mark sent me in January of this year....

He was responding to my blog quote regarding my new resolve to write anything and everything this year, but mostly to just write....

"Some of it will suck. Some of it will shine." I said.

"Bingo," Mark said, adding, "and there's no need to keep your musings quiet. You can make 'em EXPLODE, too."

So true. In retrospect, he was right. There was no need to keep my musings quiet and I didn't. I thank him for his helpful comments and constructive criticism over the last few months. I'll miss his wit and his humor and I learned a lot from his writings. Hopefully we will hear from him again.

Well, God is at it again. This time (as my finger is healing) he drained my well dry. That God....he's such a practical joker. Okay God. Enough already, you've made your point. My life is at another juncture, a new woman and an old friend in my life, a dry well, a smashed finger, tons of homework and winter is coming....

I'm taking it a day at a time.

Went to the laundromat this morning, grouchy as hell, as I didn't have water to make coffee this morning. Joyce took my laundry and we real news on the Bristol front today so I picked up a couple of local papers and headed out to the local spring with my plastic containers.

Sometimes I have to force myself to be nice and I hate doing that. The spring was jammed up this morning with flatlanders. Can't they get water in their own damn state? Why do they have to come up here and make me, a New Hampshire resident, wait at the damn spring?

(Mental note to always have water available for coffee)

Got my water and now I'm home, nursing a whopper of a headache from lack of caffeine. I've got to grab some more containers and head out to the river to pick up some flushing, washing and general cleaning water. Lack of water makes life so interesting.

Lack of HOT water makes life.....SUCK.

This ought to be an interesting weekend.



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