Saturday, September 21, 2002

A heartfelt Welcome and salutations to Adrian of MALCONTENT weblogger fame. He thinks you should just....

Shut up and reboot!

A Malaysian transplant into the capital city of Australia via the University of Canberra, Adrian leaps full bottles of Jack Daniels in a single bound, speeds along the cheras kajang highway at 140kp/h in a crappy iswara (when home), avoids broken ribs from wild kangaroos roaming around the new ressies area and misses his homeland of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which he describes as....

"Land of 24-hour access to cheap exotic foods, overpriced cars, pirated CD's and DVD's, multitudes of tollbooths, bad public transportation service, traffic jams and good ole pollution."

Wow, thanks Adrian....we'll all be booking our vacation flights soon!

Wild, roaming ain't life a bitch?

On the home front, ZIPPY HAD HER KITTENS!

Dad awoke early this morning, at around 3 a.m. to loud mewing. A white one had been born. I watched as she had her other three, encased in transparent parachutes connected to rouge colored backpacks and went back to bed grossed out after watching the Zipster eat this mess and free the struggling kittens. Yuck, my stomach isn't in it's prime at three in the morning.

So, today we have two white / creme ones and two dark tigers. Anybody want a kitty?



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