Sunday, September 15, 2002

I Can Add Inches To My Penis NOW!

You ask me, "How Jeeem? How can you do that?"

Well believe it or not, there is some chick out there in cyberland, name of Heather, who for whatever reason has taken it upon herself to see that I get my penis enlarged. Yes, I'm serious! I got an e-mail from her today.

What a gal.

The only problem is in the e-mail she asks me, "Do you want your PENIS to be HARD as a ROCK all the time?"

Well NO Heather, I don't. That would be a bit embarrassing don't you think?

As nice as Heather seems, I think I'm going to pass on this DHG stuff. After all, what if I overdosed? I mean....I'm a drug addict and I might take the whole bottle in a day or something. Can you imagine?

It could happen....



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