Friday, August 02, 2002


The name is as American as apple pie.

Stuff it, snap it and burp it.

Earl Silas Tupper had the idea right to invent a product that every household could use to store it's leftovers. But it wasn't until after the introduction of the "hostess party" that Tupperware really rose to prominence in 1950s America........and the rest is history. We all remember the famous Tupperware parties our parents went to and in certain circles they can still be found today with a 2K twist to them.

Before I left to visit the Philippines I had corresponded with Cely and learned that she had traveled north to Butuan City with family members to attend a Tupperware party. I thought that was pretty cool and remember thinking, "Everybody knows about Tupperware!"

During my second week in Mindanao, traveling from baranguay to baranguay one particular day, Cely pointed out the window of the Jeepney we were riding in and said, "That's where we had our Tupperware Party."

I looked out the window to where she was pointing.

"Where? I only see a soccer field." I said.

"That is where it was." Cely said.

"In a soccer field? How many people were at the party?"

"About five thousand"

Now, I want the reader to understand that the biggest Tupperware Party I had ever witnessed in my adult life was about twenty people.

Crammed into an American livingroom.

I began to understand the five-thousand-strong Tupperware party once I had been in Mindanao for a week. Filipino's take Tupperware to new and exciting levels. They possess types of Tupperware you will never see in a catalog. They have a Tupperware container for everything. You see, it is H-O-T in the Philippines and they LOVE to party. Refrigeration is not an option so Tupperware comes to the rescue.

Americans are Tupperware whimps in comparison with Filipino's. But I brought back a wealth of knowledge with me when I returned from that hot archipelago.

Too bad the crap is SO DAMN expensive over here.

Welcome to America.



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