Thursday, August 01, 2002

It's hot.

It's not just hot here, it's hot all over the place. People are complaining about the heat. The heat is getting to people. The word FUCK is used more frequently in direct proportion to the increase in temperature.

Seriously. It happens.

The word FUCK is a powerful word. Some people shun it. FUCK can mean several different things. It can denote surprise, anger, pleasure, euphoria, disappointment and sorrow, just to name a few.

Potkettle said it HERE
Peter says it all the time
Annie doesn't possess it in her vocabulary as far as I know
"Fug off" is as close as Emberton gets to it
Eve says it.....and you'll just have to take my word on that
A Citizen of the World said it recently but warned the World before saying it
Shirl says DANG instead

I think George Carlin had it right when he included it in his SEVEN BAD WORDS YA CAN'T SAY ON TV.....

"And of course the word Fuck. The word Fuck, I don't really...well, this is some more accidental humor, but I don't really want to get into that now. Because I think it takes too long. But I do mean that. I mean, I think the word fuck is an important word. It's the beginning of life, and, yet it's a word we use to hurt one other, quite often. And uh, people much wiser than I have said, I'd rather have my son watch a film with two people making love than two people trying to kill one other. And I of course agree. I wish I know who said it first, and I agree with that. But I would like to take it a step further. I would like to substitute the word fuck, for the word kill in all those movie cliches we grew up with. 'Okay Sheriff, we're gonna fuck ya now. But we're gonna fuck ya slow.' So maybe next year I'll have a whole fuckin' rap on that word. I hope so."

Ain't the English language great?

Well, you think we've got it rough? Have you heard about the British and their, "Cockney Rhyming Slang?" Oh FUCK. This stuff is nuts. Here's a sample:

'Allo me old china - wot say we pop round the Jack. I'll stand you a pig and you can rabbit on about your teapots. We can 'ave some loop and tommy and be off before the dickory hits twelve.

translates to:

Hello my old mate (china plate) - what do you say we pop around to the bar (Jack Tar). I'll buy you a beer (pig's ear) and you can talk (rabbit and pork) about your kids (teapot lids). We can have some soup (loop de loop) and supper (Tommy Tucker) and be gone before the clock (hickory dickory dock) strikes twelve.

Jaysus! I have enough trouble just learning Spanish let alone that stuff. That's gotta be tough to learn. It doesn't qualify as a language cause it's in English and it's not a true dialect since the speakers of this slang are also perfectly capable of not using it! Kinda like our Pig Latin.

Language is interesting.

Untilway extnay imetay oggerblay ansfay....


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