Saturday, June 08, 2002

Zebulon writes in reference of certain culture types: "long-hairs, skinheads, weirdos, sportswearers, foreigners, button-downs or professional types" Just reading that passage brought back the stanza:

Everyone gather round let me tell you all about it
You see I pulled into a drive-in and I found a place to park
We hopped into the backseat where it`s always nice and dark
We`re just about to move thinkin` "Bret, this is a breeze"
There`s a light in my eye and a guy says "Out of the car, long hair!"

Oowee--you`re coming with me
Said the local police

Your Mama Don`t Dance (excerpt) - Loggins and Messina -

So what's a sportswearer and a button-down Chris?

Your "nutter" pal, -Jeeem-


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