Saturday, June 08, 2002

Jeeem's China Vacation Annals

Quoted passages from the China Daily National English-Language Newspaper, dated Thursday, March 21, 2002:

(Page 3)
American gets warning for insulting woman (by Qin Chuan - China Daily staff)

"US citizen Mark Alan Forshee was given a legal warning by Shenzhen police for insulting a woman, Guo Shaofei, on a bus in Shenzhen on March 9."

"Forshee is a psychologist and is studying in Shenzhen for his thesis and research work."

"Police said on March 9, Forshee, holding a beer can in one hand, pulled Guo's shirt with one of his fingers to look at her breasts while on a bus in Shenzhen."

Insulting? Give me a break. They should have cut his balls off or something. Dumb ass!

All the while I was wondering why some of the Chinese people looked at me with disgust while I was in Beijing? Holy cow. A psychologist. Poor example of one if you ask me. Then, the article goes on to say:

"Afterwards, Forshee made an "apology" rather mockingly to the woman, who felt more indignant."

Well, they say you can't believe everything you read but this I believe. Probably some damn American kid with rich parents who never learned to appreciate the value of decent morals and values. Obviously can't handle his liquor either. God this pissed me off when I read this. I'd been in country for a total of two days when I read this. Hell, I'd have kicked him in the nuts myself. Dumb ass! They should have yanked his professional license....psychologist my ass.



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