Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Woo Hoo! Guess that red-headed French Blooded Canadian is at the keys again. Get a grip girl. Join an online group and get some therapy will ya? LOL. Speaking of groups, that's what I do for a living. I run groups every day, Monday through Friday and since we're being honest here, I gotta say I L-O-V-E Controversy with a capital "C." I have somewhat of a reputation at work as one who likes to start fires. A regular pyrogroupiac.

The trouble with controversy in group counseling is you gotta have guts. You gotta be able to run with the big dogs or you're gonna get pushed off the damn porch. My role in pyrogroupia is ensuring the campers play clean. Sometimes it gets heated but that's when people learn about themselves. Ya gotta be able to give honest feedback as well as take it. Getting nasty proves nothing except you are capable of taking the poison and expecting your enemy to die.

An individual I had the pleasure of working with about three years ago, from New Jersey, taught me a useful tool in controversial situations. You simply ask yourself three questions: 1) Is it kind? 2) Is it necessary? 3) Is it true? He added that if I couldn't say yes immediately to every one of them, I should keep my mouth shut.

Last night I kept my mouth shut in class.

The trouble with the internet, and online situations, is you are invisible. Just words on a screen. Like fiction, it's a license to lie if you want or be hurtful, or punch that cyber punching bag, or take out your frustrations on the keyboard. Whoever said those famous words, "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me," was full of crap. When I was a radio operator, it was no different (except I wasn't sober then .... which was not good. Take my word for it) as I could "hide" behind my microphone and play out any darn ole fantasy I liked. I was labeled an "aggitator" on the bands and often felt I had to live up to that label, often breathing flammable fumes.

Did I say I was clean as the driven snow? No. I'm perfectly capable of an occasional slanderous remark and last I checked, I had both an ego AND some well oiled sarcasm. Mostly, I choose to simply grab my hat and leave.

What's an Aries with Leo rising?



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