Tuesday, February 05, 2002

Another excruciatingly boring evening at night school. I ended up leaving early.

You know them. Every class has one of them. Sometimes they are male, sometimes female.

This time it's a female.

You wonder what freakin' rock they climbed out from under. They tie up class by asking the stupidest questions imaginable. Yes, some questions ARE stupid.

This one . . . . (Alice I'll call her for the sake of personalization) is not only stupid, she is annoying and a true succupiner.

A succupiner is my term for a suck-up whiner. She complains about the book, complains about the lecture, whines about the clarity of the subject matter, whines about her project (that she has changed twice so far) and to make it all REALLY WORTH IT, she has that nasal, whiny voice.

Trouble with me is I always end up suddenly getting the insatiable urge to silence these people, put them in their place, humiliate them into some nether void of non-existence to never return.

My friend Amy just shoots me these looks in class, cautioning me to keep my cool. I walked out early tonight because I just couldn't listen to it anymore. Sometimes when I listen to people like that, I wonder why we can't just cull the herd. You know, take them out back and just shoot them or hit them in the head with a sledge hammer.

Ahhhh. Calm down James. I just get so frustrated when some blithering idiot like that ties up a class that I bothered to drive 25 miles to attend.

Patience and tolerance they say . . . . a virtue they say . . . . .

I say cull the herd.



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