Monday, February 11, 2002

Well, it's official. The Bangkok trip is cancelled. Talk about last minute stuff. Pim's mum is very, very sick and she could not possibly focus on the Vietnam trip and enjoy herself so this is for the best. My prayers are with her, her family and her mother.

I don't have time to blog this morning but I had a brainstorm this morning about myself, regarding the subject of love. I have my mini recorder in my hand though and will tape my thoughts on the way to work. We are in the midst of an ice storm here and this always has a tendency to depress me, which is what I am feeling now. The old dopamine levels are plummeting. Save that half tab Peter and send it to me via post! LOL.

Sometimes I wish I could turn off the thoughts, but it's what keeps me who I am. I've been accused of being too deep but I wonder if there is such a thing or if it's just shallow people's excuse to avoid any depth. Dominique says her mom accused her of talking too much..... well, my father used to say, "You got diarrhea of the mouth son."

I'll leave you with that visual. Stay tuned. -Jeeem-


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