Thursday, April 07, 2011

I can't remember exactly when...but it was maybe six or eight months after Facebook hit the big time that I read a well-written piece online warning people against joining up with it.  

The article was very informative and was good enough for me at the time to convince me never to have anything to do with Facebook and I haven't.  I've never joined up with Facebook or MySpace, since both social community sites were mentioned in the article.

Here are a couple links you might want to peruse that explain the reasons why.  

LINK 1  



Okay, so more than a couple...but, it shouldn't take more than three links to websites explaining the dangers of Facebook, to convince you.  

The thing that amazes me is some people think they can't get along without Facebook.  Granted, most of those people are most likely more social animals than I am, but still...aren't you just a little concerned about what is done with all that sensitive data of yours?

Think about it...and QUIT FACEBOOK!



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