Tuesday, June 17, 2003

This is the English Primary School near where I will be teaching in Guangdong, China.

A very interesting thing happened to me this morning while checking my e-mail on YAHOO. I received an e-mail from my friend Jeff Sikkema, author of "China Tales" living in Shanghai, China, introducing me to Scott, a soon-to-be expatriate who will soon be teaching in China.

I also received two e-mails from individual visitors to Jim's Quiet Musings...who will be teaching at the same facility in Guangdong as myself. Well, at least living in the same complex anyway. So welcome to Sheena and James. Not sure where Sheena is from but James is from Edinburg, Scotland - flying to Guangzhou at the same time as me, just about.

Small world huh? At least from a Google prospective....



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