Saturday, May 10, 2003

Based on a couple of recent comments from people I actively correspond with, I feel the need to write a disclaimer of sorts.

But first, I must say that it interests me how the majority of U.S. citizens I correspond with, view life in such a linear fashion. By linear, I mean Black and White, Right or Wrong, Either/Or.

What ever happened to the middle ground?

It interests me that individuals see things in such a limiting fashion and I wonder where they picked this up along their path of life. I say "U.S. citizens" because it is my observation that people from other cultures, even other individualist cultures, often do not think this way, at least in my experience (God help me when another linear thinker gets ahold of that comment).

Linear thinking, or the inability to understand the interdependences or web of relationships of our complex world, is in my opinion, the lazy man's way out of having to put some effort into his or her thought process. Critical? Yes.....but I regress to a time when I too, thought in a linear fashion and still do at times. My trouble is not so much with the linear thinker as it is the linear thinker who wants to place me into their "square one box" or their proverbial "cardboard conservatism."

No wonder we, as a group of individuals in this world, often do not get along. Have you ever thought about the number of times you have been misunderstood? Most likely you were often misunderstood and didn't even know it, walking away with a smile on your face, when had you known what the individual you were conversing with thought you said, you would have taken the time and patience for an elaborate rebuttal, ensuring the person walked away with the correct meaning in his or her little head.

Linear thinkers just don't take the time.

When I make a statement about my beliefs, my morals, my values in life, I am not talking or thinking outloud in a linear fashion. I am not right nor am I wrong. I am not good nor am I bad. I am not either nor or. I just am. I do not practice any of my beliefs or philosophies in a puritanical fashion for I still run some of my old schemas in my head, as others do, but I can say I try to stick to my guns. I'm not perfect nor have I met anyone who is perfect. We all strive to be the best we can be, or at least one can only hope we do.

"In this postmodern world, cultural conflicts are becoming more dangerous than at any time in history. A new model of coexistence is needed, based on man's transcending himself." -- Vaclav Havel, President of the Czech Republic

Take the time to is a standard ingredient in the mechanism of communication.



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