Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Los Loncheros

Honk! ooowwwaaa! Honk!
Loud and strong, weak and warbled, loud and strong
A short in the wiring
Signaling time for break

We round the corner, catching
Los Loncheros
Framed against a mural covered wall
Suffering masses trudging across Rio Grande in Catholic undertones

Buenos tardes!
The proprietor calls as he lifts the diamond patterned
Metal sides, liberating
Smells of coriander rich menudo, fresh flour tortillas and chorizo sausage

The barbed wire tattooed proprietor leaves our side
To deal mojo, crank and Pabst Blue Ribbon from the rear
Trust implicit or lack of a choice
Hurried glances guard against the illegality

We line up to pay
The proprietor’s greasy hand and toothless grin
“Gracias Gringo,” a thanks and judgment
Wrapped into one neat little package

by Jeeem


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