Friday, November 15, 2002

Nothing good on NextBlog tonight. Just boring, political, golf-themed, preppy-techno, pseudo-intellectual, Korean, twinkie-esque, Lotte Custard fueled doo-doo is all. Guess I'll have to give the NextBlog button a rest for a day or so. Is anyone else picking up those blogs from Israel and the Netherlands? Interesting.

God it's nice to be HOME ALONE. I love my home. For those that have been asking, my so-called retirement is coming along nicely. I await my final checks and my study review course in the mail. Meanwhile, the house is getting a good cleaning and I've been staying close to home, saving on petrol. I'll be putting my nose to the grindstone soon enough.

My honey is coming over tomorrow and I can't wait. Suppose I'll have to shower and shave if I can remember how it's done. I don't look half bad with a beard! I must smell, but I can't tell over the fumes from the catbox.

I need some more talent.



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