Thursday, November 07, 2002


Oh my GOD!

I have water! Real, wet, RUNNING water!

Do you have ANY idea what that is like? Well of course you do. Why? Because you are spoiled. You had running water all along....and you aren't humble like me! Me.... with a NEW appreciation for turning a spigot and getting water or pushing down the lever and flushing the toilet.

What's it been now? Three months? Four months?

I won't have to go to the river again. I won't have to freeze while breaking the ice to fill my buckets. I won't have to heat water on the stove every morning and pour it into a bucket in my shower to pour over my head with a sauce pan.

Holy Jesus this is rich!

I think I'll go wash my dishes just to celebrate.

Karma's gonna get all of you for having water when I didn't....




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