Thursday, March 03, 2011


This is my new toy.

For the last, like three years or so....I've been toting around an i Mobile phone (translation: El cheapo).  The cost?  Just under 1000 baht ($32.77 U.S. dollars...23.64 Euros...20.13 British Pounds...1,475 Indian Rupees...99.39 Malaysian Ringgit)  Then, around six to eight months ago my little El Cheapo partially died...couldn't call out...nobody could call in....this weird looking "Setting sun..." thingy in the middle of the screen, sorta burned you couldn't even play games on the thing anymore.  I was just carrying it around because the clock worked and so did the alarm.  I could set my three programmable alarms for my classes, so I knew when to end class.

Then some Thai puke student stole it.

I didn't care so much except for the fact (as most of you with mobile phones know...) I had some important numbers on that thing.

Oh well.

My issues of late have been that I've been in a semi-panic...once again....over where I'm going to be working after this semester, which ended last week.  I'm now dutifully unemployed, and have been sending my resume out to everyone on the planet.  Problem NEED a mobile number.  So I had to break down and buy another phone.  But, as I entered the mobile phone store in Thung Lung and began perusing the phones, I found phones had come WAY down in price since I last visited a phone dealer.  I mean WAY, WAY down.

Long story short, just for shits and giggles I said to the guy behind the counter...."I am looking for a phone that does...well....everything.  Internet capable, bluetooth, 3G, SMS, camera, video camera, numerous ringtones, Mp3 music player...everything.

And that is the baby he produced.  The very one you see in the picture.  Even the same damn color.  I've never really been a "RED" guy, but this metallic sorta red with the black face, wide screen and QWERTY keyboard somehow grabbed me.

And it does do all that stuff I mentioned and, apps, community contacts, photos, wallpaper, themes, SMS, Internet, OH!  and did I mention it's also a phone?


Took me weeks to figure the thing out, but now we are getting along and the thing cost less than I would have imagined...under 3800 baht.  Very, very affordable. 

Trouble is I'm not an accessory type of I've got to be hyper-vigilant about trying NOT to lose the damn thing, drop it, or leave it somewhere and walk off...just one of the reasons I don't wear jewelry, watches, rings or necklaces....

So, electronically...

I'm plugged in baby!!!



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